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who we are

Working alongside each dimension of the Ogilvy Group in Ireland, Neo is a new full-service digital entity which develops comprehensive marketing strategies. These cover the entire customer journey – from the initial advertising contact to activating websites, newsletters, and CRM. With intelligent media strategies, innovative technologies, and creative concepts from a single source, we ensure measurable, maximized ROI for the entire value-added chain. We take responsibility for achieving our customers’ business goals.
Neo@Ogilvy is media-neutral but customer-focused. We manage a wide range of digital communications campaigns in addition to long term strategic planning. The team provides clients with leadership, strategy, creativity, execution, and measurement across all types of digital media. We influence and measure customer touch-points throughout the purchase funnel, quantify the impact of our strategies, and continuously optimize to reach our clients’ business goals.

Why we’re different

Neo@Ogilvy is the first agency in Ireland which truly encompasses creative and media disciplines in order to develop brand building strategies whilst using data comprehensively to inform planning. We believe that to deliver comprehensive communications, across online and offline, both media and creative must be holistically integrated at the planning stage of the client’s brief response. Neo@Ogilvy is a new way of thinking, working and communicating.
Our team is one of specialists, digital natives, who have a passion and deep understanding of the digital sphere. Staying ahead of the curve can be challenging in an era of information overload however we are passionate about the digital landscape and are focused on media consumption trends and emerging technologies; a crucial part of the planning process.
As part of a global network we have access to the International network of data, insights, research and expertise.

Our People


Dave drives the strategic development of Ogilvy's total digital offering under Neo@Ogilvy. With the benefit of a wealth of experience in marketing communications, Dave believes that Neo@Ogilvy is the gel that brings all elements of the mix together to work better, and harder, for your brand. Ogilvy have been 'doing' digital since 1985, now Dave has built a team and a capability at Ogilvy that takes it to the next level, to offer our clients an unparalleled level of expertise and allows the Ogilvy group of companies to 'be' digital.


With extensive experience and background in museum design and software development, Suzanne joined Ogilvy in 2007 and helped to drive the interactive agenda across the company, marketing and new business. Suzanne is fervent about the interactive experience and how to leverage it across multi platforms. She had led the team to win numerous digital awards on major International and Irish brands.


Claire has extensive experience in the area of digital media and strategic planning. Her area of expertise lies in understanding how people consume new media in order to create loyal customer relationships. A passionate interest in the impact of the digital era on consumers and society combined with emerging technologies fuels Claire's impartial perspective.

Global Offices

Neo@Ogilvy is a genuine global network sharing knowledge and best practices across almost 30 countries. We develop and implement comprehensive cross-national marketing concepts for global companies such as IBM, Cisco, American Express, Lenovo, and Kodak. In some cases, multi-market campaigns are conducted and managed in over 20 countries simultaneously – with seamless coordination between the central and regional partners, both on the clients side and among our offices. Uniform technology and reporting systems are in place for central data management. This results in maximum transparency and makes comparative evaluations between individual markets possible.
For us, global capability means more than just providing the perfect client-oriented service package. Cross-national knowledge management and the active exchange of information between offices around the globe help us to develop international state-of-the-art technologies and strategies. For example, know-how about emerging channels such as mobile or digital TV is bundled in global competence centers in especially highly-developed markets. All Neo@Ogilvy offices and their customers around the world benefit from this know-how. Please visit for further information

What We Do

Strategy and Planning

To us, a successful online marketing strategy is not about delivering advertising messages. It’s about finding relevant ways to make connections with your customers. This includes the consideration of websites, online advertising, social influence marketing, mobile applications, crm etc. We start by gaining a deep understanding of your business and the complex needs of your customer. We learn how your customer goes about researching and choosing your product and develop relevant ways we can connect with the customer at each stage, within that context. We look at digital possibilities from all angles, and produce a strategy which incorporates integrated marketing communication, digital creative, a media strategy and a clear roadmap of how these solutions will be implemented. Every project is underpinned by a results-focused strategy; accountability is second nature to our team. This means that we can build substantial, long-term value for brands and businesses.

Social Influence Marketing

Often referred to as ‘social media’, this is not a new area of marketing however the digital highway now facilitates an intensely complex relationship for consumers; both amongst each other and with brands. This is about people being self expressive, telling stories and sharing experiences; it’s up to us to understand these dynamics and developments across this intricate area. Our focus is on how people connect, share and influence each other using cutting edge technology and how brands can participate in this new communications landscape. We don’t get distracted by ‘shiny new toys’ or the latest fad when it comes to technology; we have a constantly evolving proficiency across the digital toolkit and apply this knowledge and experience to your brief. In a world where content is free and attention is priceless, we know how to deliver performance driven results.

Data Analysis & Insights

As specialists in data collation for decades, Ogilvy has a strong history in analytics and insights. Today, that same ethos is applied with the Neo@Ogilvy offering. In the digital world, most things are measurable. The question for clients is, what do you measure, how and why? Deriving insights which inform planning is the key skill amongst the Neo@Ogilvy team. It’s innate in our company history and we place a significant emphasis on connected data insights and how to understand consumers in a more refined way using the best technology and the most talented people.

Emerging technology

When it comes to emerging techology, we first look at the value each platform brings to both the customer and the brand, and then define media objectives that match the business goals. We test new technology such as applications, user-generated content, advergaming, or long form video during cross-media campaigns in order to determine how to use and integrate them for maximum advantage. Our customers benefit from our global network, especially in case of emerging channels. After all, digital marketing is not developing at the same pace everywhere in the world. For example, Japan is the mobile technology leader, Singapore is at the cutting edge of broadband applications, and the UK leads the development of interactive TV. The Neo@Ogilvy offices in these markets act as competence centers for our network. They indirectly make their experience and strategies available to our customers around the world. After all, an emerging channel in one region may be an established and efficient channel in another market. We pass on our experience – to maximize customer ROI

Digital media planning and buying

Because we believe that media and creative should be developed holistically at the planning stage, digital media planning and buying plays a crucial role in our proposition and process. It’s a multi-faceted area which is developing at an accelerating pace and demands an experienced team. Robust plans with detailed rationale and extensive tracking delivers return on investment.

Search Engine Marketing

Mobile Marketing

From application usage to location-based social networking, each day the online experience becomes more intertwined with - and enhanced by - mobile accessibility. With Ireland’s mobile penetration rate close to 120%, your customers, employees and partners are now routinely - if not primarily - using mobile channels as part of their every day lives. As a communications solution, mobile has evolved dramatically and it’s future is very exciting as we begin to see the emergence of social commerce. We believe mobile should be planned as an intrinsic part of an overall plan. We provide your brand with the underlying foundation for successfully engaging consumers across mobile platforms. Whether you are looking to optimize your site for mobile, develop a new mobile portal or the next stellar application (across all platforms), or simply obtain the most up to date information on the market place, we have the capabilities and insights to develop comprehensive mobile solutions. Our recent development of the Boots mobile Swine Flu guide with location specific information and professional advice was a winner at the APMC 2010 awards for best mobile application.


Customer Relationship Marketing Social Commerce

Technology & Design


We design and build accessible user-centric websites, which come in all shapes and sizes: We integrate with CRM systems and databases to provide seemless customer experiences. We develop content management systems, ecommerce, knowledge management, mobile and social media applications and always do so in consideration of inclusivity, so work to the standards and guidelines set by the W3C. We are constantly evolving with technology and like to use open source systems, as appropriate, whilst always adhering to web standards and best practice for usability and accessibility.


We believe that brand owners need communication partners who can develop big ideas and execute them across all appropriate media. Creative, technical and planning specialists all sit, talk and work together to provide consistency in positioning and tone across all channels, We believe creativity is what stands out in a cluttered market, throughout the project we are constantly putting the user first, and asking ourselves how they will choose to, and how we would like them to, interact with the communication. Focus groups and one-on-one usability testing will provide impartial input into the process. As each and every product is unique so is our award-winning graphic design team. Our impressive list of awards clearly demonstrates the depth of our capabilities in developing best in class interactive design solutions.